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Vol 24, No 3 (2016)

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Cover/Portada/Capa PDF
Managing Editor

Invited papers

Methane emissions and mitigation: Viewpoint from operations of different scale PDF
Gustavo Jaurena, Juan Manuel Cantet

Animal production

Zootechnical profile of the dairy farms in southern Minas Gerais State, Brazil PDF
Fabio Raphael Pascoti Bruhn, Debora Oliveira Daher, Christiane Maria Barcellos Magalhães Rocha, Jonata Melo Barbieri, Juliana Ribeiro Lucci, Antonio Marcos Guimarães

Ruminant Nutrition

Performance of goats and sheep grazing in Brazilian semi-arid scrubland supplemented with feed-blocks PDF
Aldo Torres Sales, Maria Gracas Gomes, Wandrick Hauss de Sousa, Marcilio Fontes Cezar, Diego Vagner Oliveira Souto
Carcass characteristics of feedlot finished steers with partial dietary inclusion of sunflower silage PDF
Dari Celestino Alves Filho, Júlio Otávio Jardim Barcellos, Daniele Zago, Everton Dezordi Sartori, Kelly Kunkel Antunes, Naiane Teixeira de Andrade


Combined use of tail-paint and prostaglandin in cyclic dairy cows: proposal to maximize efficiency and accuracy in heat detection PDF
Alberto Raúl Dick

Economy and rural development

Effect of pasture irrigation on profitability of dairy production systems participating in the "Balde Cheio" program PDF
Flavio de Moraes, Marcos Aurélio Lopes, Fabio Raphael Pascotti Brunhn, Francisval Melo Carvalho, Andre Luis Ribeiro Lima, Eduardo Mitke Brandão Reis

Animal health

Seroprevalence and risk factors associated with Trichinellosis in swine productions of western Puerto Rico PDF
Natalia Cerón, Esbal Jiménez, Fred Soltero, Noelia Moyeno