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Vol 23, No 6 (2015): Proceedings XXIV Reunion ALPA Puerto Varas, Chile

Memorias de la XXIV Reunion ALPA

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Portada/Cover/Capa PDF
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Aquaculture / acuicultura / aquicultura PDF
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Meat quality/Calidad de carne/Qualidade da carne PDF
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Animal behaviour and welfare/Comportamiento y bienestar animal/Comportamento e bem-estar animal PDF
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Forages and grassland/Forrajes y pasturas/Forragem e pastagens PDF
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Enviroment/Medio ambiente/Meio Ambiente PDF
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Genetic improvement/Mejoramiento genético/ Melhoria genética PDF
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Non-ruminants nutrition/Nutrición no rumiantes/nutrição de não ruminantes PDF
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Ruminant nutrition/Nutrición de rumiantes/Nutrição de ruminantes PDF
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Beef production/Producción de carne/Produção de carne PDF
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Milk production/Producción de leche/Produção de leite PDF
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Non-ruminants production/Producción monogástricos/Produção de monogástricos PDF
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Small ruminants production/Producción de rumiantes menores/Produção de ruminantes menores PDF
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Animal reproduction and physiology/Reproducción y Fisiología/Reprodução e Fisiologia PDF
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Animal health/Salud animal/ Saúde animal PDF
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Production systems/Sistemas de producción/Sistemas de produção PDF
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Lectures / Presentaciones Orales / Palestras PDF
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Animal production

Strategic notes on Brazilian beef cattle PDF
Júlio O. J. Barcellos, Tamara Esteves Oliveira
The challenge of increasing production of the animal sector while reducing its environmental footprint PDF
Philippe Chemineau
Evaluation of innovation opportunities in productive systems of beef with simulation models PDF
Claudio F. Machado, Franco Bilotto, Horacio Berger, Pablo Mangudo, Mauricio Arroqui
Key points for an efficient temperate grazing dairy system PDF
John Roche

Animal Products

Brazilian Network of Milk Quality Laboratories - RBQL and National Program for the Improvement of Milk Quality – PNMQL PDF
Newton Pohl Ribas


Diversification of dietary protein and lipid sources for the development of fish production: The great challenge for its growth PDF
Patricio Dantagnan

Forages and Grassland

Increased animal production through the development of high-quality tropical forages PDF
Liana Jank, Mateus F. Santos, Casilda B. do Valle, Sanzio C. Barrios, Rosangela M. Simeão
Integration of herb pastures into farming systems in New Zealand PDF
Peter D. Kemp, Lydia M. Cranston, Rene A. Corner
Using condensed tannin containing forages to establish sustainable and productive forage-based cattle production systems PDF
Tim A. McAllister, Surya N. Acharya, Yuxi Wang, Edmond T. Sottie


Genetic control of greenhouse gas emissions PDF
Yvette de Haas
The challenge of the genetic selection of animals that tolerate heat stress. The case of dairy cattle PDF
Maria J. Carabaño

Reproduction and Physiology

Management of reproductive seasonality in small ruminants PDF
Rodolfo Ungerfeld

Economy and rural development

Present and future role of small ruminants in animal agriculture PDF
Gregory S. Lewis

Animal health and Welfare

Emerging mammary pathogens: Mycoplasma and Prototheca, with special reference to Chile PDF
Juan Kruze
Animal welfare and sustainability of livestock transport PDF
Carmen Gallo

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